Building The Capacity To Deal With Crisis

Building The Capacity To Deal With Crisis

Life is full of difficulties, each individual, organization and business have to constantly deal with unforeseen difficulties in life and prepare for recovery period after overcoming challenges. Therefore, the “capacity to deal with crisis” is the important skill to help us be able to stand and develop on the journey to reach our goals.

The principles shared below will help us increase our capacity to overcome challenges and be prepared for changes to deal with crisis.

1.Change our view of difficulties
Prevent yourself from slipping into negative thoughts. Instead of looking at a difficult situation as an insurmountable problem, looking at it as a challenge we can overcome if we try together. Difficulties are the opportunities that will help us recognize our strong and weak points, testing our strong spirit and motivating us to overcome our limits to quickly find solutions to deal with  the current situation.

2. Action plan
There are many ways in which it can be helped, but it can never be helped merely by talking about it. We must act and act quickly” – Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
The action plan should be made as soon as we recognize impact of the current situation. Immediately, considering steps that we can take and control the situation. Stay calm and make action plans, prepare solution for each scenario and change it when the situation changes.

3. Accept changes – that is a part of life
One important thing on dealing with crisis is to accept changes. A strong person is the one who can adapt quickly to the situation.
They focus on preparing for changes and learning to be flexible and adapt to market changes. The common point of successful people is that looking at changes is a necessary component to fix old ways and promote innovation.
At the Town Hall E-Meeting 1, Mr.Ben Anh – CEO of ITL said: The company that comes out of the crisis is not the biggest company, it is the most flexible company”.

4. Come out of comfort zone
The longer we stay in a comfort zone, the less chance we have of growth. We can make many plans for ourselves, and then we don’t have specific actions.
Try and fail, but don’t fail to try.” ―John Quincy Adams.
Decision may or may not be right, but we can immediately learn lessons and change our ways. If we cannot make it done, then do it again. If we cannot do it well, then find a better way. Failure does not represent for value of any individual or organization if we always innovate  and trying to overcome our own limits, realeasing barriers in our thoughts.

5. Trust the Captain
In every situation, trusting the Captain is the most important factor. Trusting and supporting for the Captain will eliminate doubts, conjecture, fear or chaos. All these things will cause serious impacts for businesses on dealing with crisis.

Team that has ONE voice and solidarity will create great strength, helping us overcome all difficulties and challenges, together conquering new success on our journey.

At ITL, we trust the Captain and we has the common DREAM of conquering the National Champion destination. Facing difficulties, we are taking precautious actions but do not panic about the situation. Together, we will try and keep making more efforts to overcome this crisis period and continue the journey of conquering the National Champion destination proudly.